Books and Catalogues

Scott Kelley: Paintings and Drawings for The Sons of the Neon Chrysanthemum. Forward by Gary Stephan. 48 pages, full color, published by Art Random/Kyoto Shoin International. Kyoto, Japan, 1990.

The Montauk Day Book - Adrift Upon the Thin Raft. Introduction by Edward Albee. 24 pages, full color, published by M13 Gallery, New York, 1996

The Art of Monhegan Island, by Carl Little and Arnold Skolnick. Down East Press, 2004.

Monhegan Day Book - catalogue, with an essay by Carl Little. Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, ME, 2010

Whale - catalogue, with an interview by Polly Saltonstall. Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, ME, 2012

The Child’s Book About Whales - catalogue. Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, ME 2013

The Collection - Highlights From The Portland Museum of Art, with an essay by Ariel Hagan Elwell, 2016
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